horizontal engine
cooling fan

This is a “serious” top-mounted cooling fan. After many hours of R&D, the Bailey team has designed this outstanding 917 look-alike top-cooling fan. This is a true work of art. This fan functions as good as the current 911 fan, if not better. It has all the necessary parts to cool the engine and run at high RPMs, such as a bevel-gear-driven main shaft, bearings, poly V-belt and pulleys, billet gear box housing, anti-backlash coupling. Fan and shroud available in carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiber glass. These highest quality parts allow the fan to spin up to 10, 500 RPM. This fan will give your 917 or 935 the MAJOR WOW FACTOR. All this quality does come at a price. P.S. – Add a special touch to your fan by alluminizing the shroud.

$11,000 USD, plus shipping from South Africa.