1965 Jaguar XJ13

1965 Jaguar XJ13 Recreation The XJ13 Le Mans project conceived by Jaguars competition and design department circa late 1963 embodied all of the experience garnered from Jaguars successful competition accomplishments since 1949. The Jaguar XK120 was a formidable competitor winning many events worldwide especially in alloy form. Jaguar won Le Mans five times in the 1950s with their C and D type competition cars. The Jaguar light-weight E type proved to be successful in its class, winning many international events as well. The XJ13 was developed to continue Jaguars winning legacy primarily at Le Mans in the mid-1960s – inspired by Fords GT-40 and Ferraris 250P, 330P and 330P/4. Jaguar hoped to walk away once again victorious overall at Le Mans. A massive factory effort went into the design and construction of the XJ13 – a continuation of Malcomb Sayers legendary ability to create beguiling wind-cheating shapes. This fluid alloy form was supported by a power-saving light aluminum monocoque. The whole concept was powered by a Jaguar V-12 on fuel injection transmitting power through a 5-speed transaxle. The culmination of this effort was formidable. Sadly, business conditions prevented Jaguar from entering the car at Le Mans. The one and only prototype now resides at the factory museum in Coventry, England. The powerful inspiration behind the original project led the Tempero Coach and Motor Company of New Zealand to construct seven prototype recreations. Extraordinary amounts of time and effort were expended in accurately remanufacturing the original factory design concept. The car pictured here, hand fabricated in aluminum on an alloy monocoque chassis, is one of those seven. It is powered by a freshly rebuilt fuel injected Jaguar V-12 Dyno tested at 318HP at the rear wheels sending power through a 5-speed transaxle as per the original. This example is in outstanding mechanical and cosmetic condition. This is an exciting motivation for anyone wishing to drive and experience an extraordinary motor racing car legend.